About Us

About Us

Founded in 2016, JV Capital Group is a multi-faceted real estate investment firm based in New York City, specializing in residential assets. We analyze a diverse range of properties, including single-family, multifamily, and development projects, with a focus on adding significant value to the asset’s bottom line. Our goal is to improve properties, communities, and neighborhoods for the sake of quality housing and quality of life.


JV Capital Group (JVCG) builds its investment strategy on the foundation of a thorough understanding of data and individual real estate markets, the wants, needs, and desires of that particular segment. Our extensive experience in the marketplace supports us in identifying value-add potential where other investors miss it, and arms us with the unique ability to act swiftly to secure a potential opportunity. We aid distressed owners by liquidating assets through the purchase of ownership interest and/or partnering with ownership, including complex estates, tax liens, foreclosures, and properties facing ownership disputes. Prior to acquiring any distressed property, we begin to execute the repositioning process that will substantially increase the value of the property.


JV Capital Group builds its strategic partnerships on a rock-solid core of values—honesty, integrity, and teamwork. With a comprehensive approach to repositioning single-family and multifamily assets, as well as a creative approach to ground-up, conversion development projects, JVCG has established a proven track record of adding value to its acquisitions through skillful execution at every stage of the process.


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The Founder

Reuven Zulauf

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Reuven has deep roots and an abiding interest in the growth and development of his home Borough.

Fueled by this passion, Reuven began his career at one of the fastest-growing ground-up developers in Brooklyn, specializing in condo developments. Reuven joined the firm in 2012 in the acquisitions department. Through perseverance and ingenuity, he became the youngest Director of Acquisitions in the firm’s history.

Reuven’s passion for his Borough and the City as a whole continues to fuel his dream of being one of the youngest marquee real estate developers in the New York Metro.

Present career

Reuven co-founded JV Capital Group in 2016, opening the first office in South Park Slope. Reuven built a top-notch acquisition team who sourced deals in-house, rescuing distressed properties from foreclosure and abandonment. Reuven and his partners managed deal flow, debt financing, investor relations, and asset management.

Over a short span of years, Reuven spearheaded efforts to streamline and outsource acquisitions and financing, allowing JVCG to focus on the critical task of underwriting, fundraising, and asset management.

Reuven’s track record, reputation, and strong relationships  enabled JVCG to buy directly or partner with sellers, companies, and nonprofits to revitalize their assets.

Reuven bought out his partners in 2019 to become the sole owner of JV Capital Group. In this capacity, JVCG has closed over 50 deals and $70 million in transactions throughout the New York Metro. The company remains mindful of the role of real estate investors and developers to invigorate communities, form neighborhood connections, and foster mutually-beneficial outreach to local homeowners.

“If you’re not closing, you’re loathing”.

Reuven Zulauf