About Us

Who we are

Founded in 2016, JV Capital Group is a diverse, multi-faceted Brooklyn-based real estate investment firm. We specialize in discovering undervalued off-market distress properties, which gives us the ability to add value to an asset’s bottom line.


Our investment strategy is derived from our extensive comprehension of individual markets wants, needs, and demands. Our philosophy is based on our experience in the market place which aids in identifying potential value add opportunities and provides us with a unique ability to act accordingly to secure potential deals.


JV Capital Group’s experience allows us to operate with precision and agility to identify unique opportunities and optimize a property’s potential. The company’s core values of honesty, integrity, and teamwork fuel its growth and strengthen its strategic partnerships. With a focus on single-family, multifamily and development assets and a comprehensive approach to repositioning properties , JVCG has a proven track record of adding substantial value to its acquisitions by skillfully executing development at every stage of the process.


Projects Completed

$70 M+

Total Transaction


Years In Service

Meet Reuven

Early Career

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Reuven Zulauf developed a deep passion for his borough and its growth. Using this passion as a vehicle Reuven started working for one of the fastest growing mid sized ground-up developers in Brooklyn with specialization in conversion development. Joining the acquisition team in 2012, Reuven’s perseverance and ingenuity found himself quickly rising up to become one of the youngest “Director of Acquisitions” the company has ever seen. Reuven’s ability to acquire and develop properties at an outstanding rate has given him a vast understanding of real estate including: residential, commercial, investment, and development properties. Reuven continues to use his passion and love for his home Borough to fuel his dream of being one of Brooklyn’s youngest real estate developers.

Present Career

Reuven Zulauf co-founded JV Capital Group in 2016, and in 2019, Reuven bought his partner out and became 100% of owner JV Capital Group. Rruvin has closed over $70 million dollars of transaction in both purchased and sold properties in the New York Metro area. Reuven stands by his quote:

“If you’re not closing, you’re loathing”.


Reuven Zulauf