Menachem began brokering deals for a national brokerage firm, in 2012. His desire and   determination lead him to   be, consistently, ranked in the firm’s top producers, where he won many awards, most notably “Rookie of the Year”.   Brokering deals is where Menachem started to develop his passion for real estate, and it gave him expertise in   residential and commercial real estate.


Prior to Co-Founding JV Capital Group, Menachem created and lead a private investment firm that specialized in off-  market and distressed properties, in New York City. While leading his firm, Menachem developed personal   relationships with investors and partners, which led him to a very impressive track record.




Born and raised in Brooklyn, Reuven Zulauf developed a deep passion for his Borough and its growth. Using this   passion as a vehicle, Reuven started working for one of the fastest growing midsize development company in   Brooklyn, who specialized in residential condo units. Starting on the acquisition team in 2012, Reuven’s hard   work and ingenuity found himself quickly rising-up the ranks and becoming one of the youngest “Director of   Acquisitions” the company has ever seen. Reuven’s, ability in acquiring and developing properties at an   outstanding rate has given him a vast understanding of real estate including: residential, commercial, investment,   and development properties. Reuven continues to use his passion and love for his home Borough to fuel his dream   of being one of Brooklyn’s youngest real estate developers.



A group of handpicked, highly motivated individuals is at the heart and soul of the JV Capital Group; producing   unique opportunities that constantly advance our investments. Our team is closely associated with their local   communities, which gives us the benefit of seeing many properties well before they become available to the open   market.